Super Vitality

Health & Fitness Journal

Thank you for purchasing the Super Vitality Health & Fitness Journal. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

* Disclaimer: While exercise is safe for most people, it is important you seek the advice of a medical or fitness professional before starting a new exercise or dietary regime. This is particularly important if you are inexperienced with exercise, are returning from injury, have a pre-existing medical condition or you are in poor physical condition. Remember, it is always better to play it safe.

Step 1:

Please read through the "Introduction", "Achieving your goals" and "Sample"  pages at the beginning of the journal to familiarise yourself with it.

Step 2:

Once familiarised please read through the goal-setting guide sample pages to help you get a clear idea of how to fill this guide in for yourself.

Now it is time to think about what goal(s) you want to achieve and to fill in your own goal(s) within the journal.

Step 3:

Following on from the goal-setting guide you will see the section titled “Yearly, Monthly and Weekly Planners.” Turn to the yearly planner and fill any important dates in. These may coincide with particular dates you have set for achieving your goals, sporting events you are aiming to compete in or anything else of importance to you.

* Note: If the date/event you want record in the yearly planner falls in the following year, simply fill in the yearly planner as usual and make a note of which year the date falls on.

Step 4:

After the "Yearly Planner" you will see the "Weekly/Monthly Planners". Start by filling in today’s day, month and year in the first weekly/monthly planner page.

* A completed example can be seen in the "Sample Pages" section near the beginning of the journal.

Now fill in your intended exercise sessions for the remainder of the week. Anyone following a periodised training program may wish to plan their training months ahead.

Step 5:

Near the end of the journal you will find the "Physical Evaluation" section.

* A completed example can be seen in the "Sample Pages" section near the beginning of the journal.

This section can be completed in detail with the help of a fitness trainer or medical practitioner. However, information such as body weight and girth measurements can be completed with a scale and a tape measure. You may need a friend to help you with the girth measurements.

* We recommend filling out a physical evaluation before recording your first recorded workout.

Step 6:

The main component of the Super Vitality Health & Fitness Journal is the "Daily Exercise & Activities" and "Daily Nutrition" record pages. You will find these immediately after the "Weekly/Monthly Planners".

* A completed example can be seen in the "Sample Pages" section near the beginning of the journal.

Now start by folding or cutting along the dotted line in the top right corner and then fill in the day and date of your workout or nutrition record. This spread will allow you to record any cardio, group exercise or resistance training you complete as well as your food intake for the day.

* Note: Information about the amount of energy expended (Calories/Kilojoules) during cardio exercise can be recorded from a lot of fitness centre equipment.

* Also remember that beverages other than water may also contain Calories/Kilojoules and will need to be recorded to accurately estimate your daily energy intake.

Step 7:

Following the final "Daily Exercise & Activities" spread there is "Monthly Summary" section. After you fill in a "Daily Exercise & Activities"  and "Daily Nutrition" record page we recommend briefly recording your workout in the "Monthly Summary". Fill in the month and year to help you track at a glance, your overall exercise habits each month.


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